Once upon a time, I was a writer.  An illness which proved to be chronic and debilitating took that away but I could still create – just in bits and pieces rather than entire books.  When blogs became popular, I found a medium – now what I needed was inspiration.

I have been very impressed with the Elder Scrolls series as a whole due to the wide scope of creativity – I have played past games and become so embroiled in side-quests and twists in the story that I never even gave the main quest a look in.  Even the books ingame are a wealth of creative, bite-sized myth, a treasure trove to explore if you’ve the time to do so.

Skyrim captured my imagination and my creativity, as it has done with all of you I expect.  I’ve merely managed to shape a story around a story which already exists – a creative exercise to stay within boundaries, and yet to allow a unique voice to come forth.  Hence, this blog, and hence the story.


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